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I just upgraded to Windows XP. Where did the My Computer, My Network Places and My Documents icons go, and how do I get them back?
When you upgrade from Windows 98 to XP, it can be kind of shocking to suddenly be missing those desktop icons you've gotten used to. Windows XP seems obsesse with keeping things tidy, and the desktop is no exception. The good news is, they can be easily added.

To add the My Computer, My Documents and My Network Places icons, go to the Start menu and select Control Panel. From there, open the "Display" section and select the "Desktop" tab. Click on the "Customize Desktop" button near the bottom of the menu and a window will appear with checkboxes to add those missing icons to the desktop.

This same screen will allow you to either select or deselect the option to have Windows remove desktop icons you don't use. If you tend to let software install those icons, but never use them, this can be an easy way to get rid of excess clutter. However, many users will want to uncheck this option so icons don't start disappearing into a special folder.

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