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What are some myths and facts about networking security?
Here are some myths and facts about networking security:

MYTH: I don't need a firewall on dial-up service.

FACT: While it is less likely a hacker will be able to consistantly find your computer due to the constantly changing IP addresses used for dial-up, you are still at risk. Downloaded spyware and trojan horses can take control of your system and these can often get to your system just by connecting to the Internet.

MYTH: If I have a router, I don't need a software firewall.

FACT: Even if you have a router, there are a couple of reasons you may want to run a software firewall, as well. If you have a wireless router, a software firewall will keep people who hack into your wireless network (and are behind your router's firewall) from getting into your computer. The other reason is most routers don't protect your from spyware or adware that "phones home" to its creator. A software firewall will alert you to programs that are connecting to the Internet without your permission.

MYTH: Hackers won't go after me - I have nothing worth stealing.

FACT: You have two things worth stealing: your personal information (such as names, addresses, phone numbers and account numbers) and your bandwidth. Spammers often like to steal bandwidth from other people's Internet connections in order to send spam. In addition, people who take part in various illegal activities often use compromised systems to cover their tracks.

MYTH: A router or firewall will protect me from viruses.

FACT: Routers and firewalls are intended to keep people out of your computer and prevent unauthorized downloads. They do not prevent viruses. You'll need a virus scanner for that task.

MYTH: Running two virus scanners will provide extra protection.

FACT: While running both a software and hardware firewall or more than one anti-spyware program is fine, never run more than one anti-virus program at one time. Not only does this not provide extra protection, the two programs can actually conflict with each other and create more problems.

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