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Why might I want to set up a home network?
If you have more than one computer, you've probably thought about how much easier it might be to connect them together. When you connect 2 or more computers together, you get a network.

Computer networks serve several purposes. They can be used to share files instead of having to transfer them from one system to another using disks (know as a "sneaker net", due to the need to walk from one system to another). They can allow one printer, scanner or Internet connection to be shared by multiple systems. You can back up information on one system to the other in case a drive failure or system crash occurs. You can sync up files on a laptop computer with those on a desktop system.

Probably the biggest reason for setting up a network is that's not that hard and costs very little. With today's wired and wireless networking products, connecting your computers together is very easy. Security requires a bit of extra effort (especially using a wireless, or WiFi, connection), but the convenience makes it worthwhile. No more running from room to room with disks - just browse to a drive on another system and transfer the files without leaving your seat.

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