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How do I hook up my computer components?
When you look at the back of your computer, all those connections can seem very confusing. However, hooking up components is not hard at all.

Computer manufacturers make the connecting process quite easy in a few ways: by using color-coding, pictures and connectors that only work in one direction. For example, hooking up a PS2-style keyboard would involve looking for the picture of the keyboard on the back of the computer, matching the color of the connector to the socket color, then lining up the arrow so it goes in easily.

In the case of USB connections, it usually doesn't matter which available ports you use on your computer (as long as it has the USB symbol on it, of course). The only consideration is if your computer has both USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports on it. Drives and other high speed devices should be plugged into USB 2.0 ports, while keyboards and printers can usually plug into either type. If the sockets are located horizontally, make sure the USB symbol on the plug is facing up.

An analog computer monitor socket will be somewhat rectangular with several connecting pins on it. It will be narrower or contain notches on one side to indicate which way it should go. It is also often blue. The DVI connection will be white.

Phone and network cables connect just like the phone jack in the wall of your home. In addition, most computers offer a built-in line splitter so you can also plug in your telephone.

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