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Should I add the internal WiFi card option to my laptop?
More often than ever before, computer manufacturers are adding an internal WiFi card option to their laptops. If you have a WiFi router, plan to get one, or want to get online on the road, you may wish to consider this option.

An internal WiFi card offers a few advantages. First, you don't use up a PC card expansion slot in order to add WiFi capabilities to a laptop. Second, it's inside the computer, so it doesn't stick out the side of the computer or risk getting lost. Finally, internal cards are usually specifically design to work with the exact motherboard in your computer, so there is less chance of the rare compatability problem.

One disadvantage concerns upgrades. If you get an new computer, the internal card will not be usable inside the new system. On the other hand, a PC slot card can simply be moved to the new computer and installed. In addition, new WiFi technology usually hits the expansion cards before it gets to internal devices. If you like the latest and greatest, you may have to wait if you go the internal route. Finally, when you don't wish to connect wirelessly or you wish to save battery power, pulling the PC card will accomplish both easily. To do both with the internal card, you need to make the adjustments in your operating system.

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