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What are some ways to run my speaker wires?
Running speaker wires is easy - until you get to the surrounds. Often you are left wondering how to hide the wires that run from the receiver to either side of your couch. Here some ideas:

Down Through the Floor: If your home theater is on the ground florr over an unfinished basement, send the wires through the floor behind your equipment cabinet and come back up behind your seating.

In the Walls: Using special wiring meant to be placed inside walls, you can run the wires completely out of site. Wall ports at each end make connecting everything easy. This works very well when building a new house or when performing major renovations.

Under Carpet: If you're in the market for a new carpet, you can take the oppurtunity to run flat speaker wire underneath it. Be sure to use wiring that is rated for in-wall use.

Along or Behind Baseboards: Flat speaker cables come to the rescue again for hiding wires behind or around wall trim.

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