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What are some features I might want in a DVD player?
When you are ready to buy a DVD player, you may be wondering what features to look for. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Quality Connections

Most DVD players come with two types of video connections: composite (RCA) and S-Video. Of the two, the S-Video offers the better quality. Of course, there are other connections that offer even better image quality. Component video splits the video signal into its three basic colors instead of cramming it all into one cable. The best quality, though, comes from a Digital Video Interface (DVI). This connection transmits the direct digital information without converting it to analog on the way to your TV. If you own (or plan to own) an HDTV set, look for these connections on your DVD player in order to get the best picture possible. Even though current DVDs are only standard definition, a better connection will provide the best quality that DVD can offer.

Multiple Format Playback

If you like to listen to MP3 music, a DVD player that can read them will allow you to create MP3 CDs that can be played on your home stereo system. In addition, many newer players can read photo CDs and recordable DVD discs (a useful feature if you have a DVD-R camcorder and wish to play back unfinished discs).

RF Remote

Most players use a standard infra red (IR) remote control. While there is nothing wrong with this, a radio frequency (RF) remote doen't need to be pointed at the player - or even in the same room - to work. This can be handy if you have one player connected to TVs in separate rooms.

Multiple Disc Capacity

If your DVD player is going to do double duty as a CD player, a unit that holds multiple discs can allow you to keep music on hand while leaving room for movies. In fact, some units have enough room for an entire collection of movies and music.

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