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What does it mean to "Close" a disc?
When you record to a CD and don't fill it all the way, you usually have the choice of either closing the disc or leaving it open.

Closing a disc means you can no longer record onto a disc. This includes re-writable discs. If you cloes the disc, the contents are permanent and no new data can be added.

Leaving a disc open can allow additional data to be added, even on a standard recordable CD. However, unless it is a re-writable disc, you cannot change the information already on it. A rewritable CD allows you to not only add new information (because by their nature they are always "open"), but change what is already on the disc.

Generally, you'll want to close a regular recordable CD at the end of the recording session. Also, in the case of these discs, when you fill the disc to a certain point, the recording software will usually close the disc automatically.

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