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Approximately how many songs will fit on a recordable CD?
There is no set number of songs that will fit on a recordable CD. Between different data formats, song lengths and CD data capacities, the number of songs you will fit on a disc can vary wildly.

However, if you are creating a CD that can be read by any player, you can get a good estimate. Based on the average song being around 4 minutes in length, you'll fit about 17 songs on a 600MB CD and around 20 on a 700MB disc. This is because any song (regardless of whether it was orginally an MP3, AC3 or WAV file) will be converted to the standard CDA format.

If your player can read MP3 files, you can burn a data disc that keeps those files in that format. This way, you can fit hundreds of songs on a disc, depending upon the compress used. Keep in mind that not all players can read these discs, though.

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