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Why can't I easily copy some CDs?
While most CD recording and duplication software is quite adaptable to whatever odd layouts or copyright protection the music companies throw on the discs, sometimes a disc just won't duplicate.

Sometimes this is due to copyright protection. Most current protection out there has been cracked and can be overcome quite easily. However, the record companies keep trying.

In other cases, the layout of the disc can confuse the duplication or ripping software. When the music isn't located where it normally is, the software can't always easily find it. Newer software versions are better at getting around this, though.

Finally, some CDs contain multimedia features and software that either cause the player to be busy and unable to be used for ripping or prevent it altogether. Sometimes the software attempts to run automatically when you insert a disc. You can prevent these programs from running (and potentially breaking your ripping programs) by pressing the shift key when you insert your discs.

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