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What are some differences between computer CD recorders and standalone recorders?
There are a few differences between computer CD recorders and standalone recorders. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

While a computer recorder obviously requires you to own a computer, a standalone recorder does not. You can save money by not buying a computer if you don't need one.

While both units let you pick and choose which tracks to record and what order they go in, a computer recorder makes it easier to combine music from multiple albums. Since it allows you to store tracks on the hard drive, you don't need to swap discs during the recording session when using a computer.

A computer can allow to to edit the tracks with special audio software. You can shorten them, change volume levels and eliminate some of the silent portions at the beginning and end.

Some standalone recorders require you to use special "Music" CD media when copying a pre-recorded music CD. Computers don't have this restriction.

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