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What are some things I should know if I plug the AC cord of my CD player into the power outlet on my Audio Receiver?
Some audio receivers have extra electrical outlets on them that can power other devices, like a CD player. This can stretch your plug space a bit further if you have a lot of devices in your audio cabinet.

There are a couple of things to consider if you use that accessory outlet for a CD player. Since it doesn't supply power when the receiver is off, there won't be any power going to the player during those times. While this doesn't sound like a problem, it can be.

Many CD players have a built-in memory for playlists, disc names and other features. This memory usually needs full-time electrical power to keep it from being erased. When you turn off the receiver, there is no power going to the player. This will erase your preferences.

Some players offer a headphone jack that is independent of the rest of the stereo system. This allows you to listen to music with your headphones without turning any other devices on. If you plug the player into the receiver power outlet, you will need to have both running in order to listen to CDs.

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