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Why won't my CD player play MP3s or Rewritable Discs?
Most CD players that are more than 5-7 years old won't play MP3 encoded discs or rewritable CDs. These units don't posses newer technology that makes this possible.

The standard CD file format is CDA. Older players can only read that format. Therefore, if you wish to use one to play your MP3s, you'll have to burn the disc as a standard music CD. This converts the MP3s to CDA files. This means you won't fit as many songs on the disc as you would if it were burned as an MP3 disc.

Many older players can't play rewritable CDs because they require a disc be "closed" (unable to be written on) before they can be understood. Even a rewritable disc that has been closed may not play. The contrast between reflective and non-reflective portions sometimes isn't enough to be read by older players. Even players that can read the disc may be more prone to skipping since the data cannot be as easily read.

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