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What are some items I should pack in my camcorder bag?
In addition to your camcorder, there a some items to pack in your camera case:

- An extra tape: Don't miss out on a memory if the tape in the camera runs out.

- An extra battery: You may not have a charger handy or the time to wait for a battery to charge. An extra battery lets you keep shooting when your main is down for the count.

- Lense Cleaning Kit: When you're out in the elements, you'll appreciate being able to clean water droplets, dirt and other things off the lense.

- Head Cleaning Cassette: Dust, dirt and bits of oxide from tapes can clog the heads of your video camera. This will affect the video quality or make it impossible to record or play back video. Occasionally using a head cleaning cassette for a few seconds will keep the heads clean.

- Video Light: For those dark locations, a video light will brighten things up.

- Headphones: Some cameras have a small speaker to hear audio, but a good pair of headphones make it easier to hear what you're recording.

- External Microphone: If you want to capture the est possible audio, you need your microphone to be as close to your subject as possible. Since your on-camera mic is attached to the camera, you'll need an external microphone to accomplish this.

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