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Do I need a tripod?
For shots where you are close to your subject, you can often get away with not having a tripod. If you need a bit of help keeping steady and no tripod is handy, a wall, chair or table will often help cut down on shaky video.

There are times when you need to zoom way in on a distant subject and there's nothing handy to help support the camera. This is when a tripod comes in handy. Using one will keep your audience from getting sea sick with bobbing and weaving images.

Tripods can be very small and light, meaning it isn't a hassle to carry one along with your camcorder. It's a good idea to keep one handy.

When purchasing a tripod, look for a model that is specifically meant for video cameras. This type will be a bit more durable to avoid shaking during camera moves and offer a fluid head for smooth movement.

Be sure the tripod can easily support your camera. If it can't support you camera properly, it may fall over or collapse. Don't risk your equipment on flimsy equipment just because it may be cheaper.

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